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    Lisa Gillett Founder
    Award Winning Super Agent ®
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    Saturday Day Class 3/27: Appraisals! Learn how to read'em

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    4.4 Entrepreneur Series: Magic Mirror - CAUTIOUS

    4.3 Entrepreneur Series: Magic Mirror - STABILIZING

    4.2 Entrepreneur Series: Magic Mirror - INFLUENCING

    4.1 Entrepreneur Series: Magic Mirror

    NEW! RSRE Neck Gaiter

    3.4 Entrepreneur Series: Love Language | Quality Time

    FREE Webinar Today! 3.2 Entrepreneur Series: Love Language | Acts of Service

    FREE Webinar Today! 3.1 Entrepreneur Series: Love Language | Affirmations

    SPECIAL Webinar Series Continued...

    FREE Webinar Today! 2.4 Entrepreneur Series: Fan or Foe

    FREE Webinar Today! 2.3 Entrepreneur Series: Trigger Words

    FREE Webinar Today! 2.2. Entrepreneur Series: Suspect or Prospect

    NEW! Entrepreneur Series

    FREE Webinar: Commission Breath

    FREE Webinar: What's the Magic Number

    FREE Webinar: What's the Magic Number

    FREE Webinar: Your Brand & Social Distance

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    Se Habla Español - Come learn Spanish this Saturday!

    It's up, in case you missed it . . .

    [Feb.6 Workshop] Facebook Newbies - Personal vs Branded Page

    S6:E7 Preliminary Title Reports

    Real Estate Convos in Spanish

    2020 LIVE Webinar Schedule

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    FREE Webinar: iBuyer Beware [Nov.20, 2019]

    [Dec.5] Mo' Money, Mo' Money & Create FREE Google Forms

    [Dec.17] Client Relationship Management & Receive FREE CRM System

    [Dec.14] Canva Like A Pro Masterclass

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    [Nov.19] Livestream Series - Go Live with Events & Vlogs

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